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NORNet2023 | 4th Nordic Conference on Research on Transitions, Career and Guidance

Presentation guidelines

Guidelines for Interactive discussion session for early career researchers

In the interactive discussion session for early career researchers, we discuss our research in small groups and develop our ideas further together. Prepare to present your research topic briefly and discuss it in small groups. You can have notes with you to support your discussion, but please do not prepare any slideshow. The interactive discussion session is open only for the participants who have registered for it and held only on site in Turku.   

Guidelines for paper presentations

Paper presentations last 15 minutes, plus some time for questions. Papers will be scheduled either in 90 minutes sessions which include 4 papers or 120 minutes sessions which include 5 papers on similar themes. Conference organizers will nominate a chairperson for each session who will take care of time and manage discussion.

Please, prepare your presentation so that it will last maximum of 15 minutes. The presentation should be in a format that can be opened from the organizers’ PC, e.g. from a memory stick or cloud service.